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מקוֹמִי | Mekomi | مِكومي

About Mekomi

We live in the same place and yet we hardly meet, we are almost strangers.
We are separated by our religions, our beliefs and our origins.
We live, go to school and work apart. We even get our news from different sources.
Our children don’t play together, even when we do meet up at the university or in the workplace we stick to the separation- never getting to know each other.

Isn’t it time we meet?

Here’s an opportunity to hear the voices behind the faces, to get to know the diversity within each community without political commentary and generalizations.

Israel’s society is a rich spectrum of social, cultural and religious backgrounds- if we learn to see this as an asset rather than a threat we will have a better future- together.

“Mekomi” is social-visual project aimed to uncover the faces and voices that make up Israel’s society.


The people behind this project:

Sharon Tal, a proud member of Israel’s social sector, managing programs in the fields of social cohesion, social activism and education.

Ofer Keidar, a photographer and blogger, a hi-tech man turned photographer and the talent behind the blog "The Camera Adds Ten Pounds".

Haggai Grady, a former editor and current musician, singer and social activist.


“Mekomi” is a non-profit endeavor and we who run it do so as volunteers.

We aim to bring as many different voices and points of view to this project. You can help! If you or somebody you know is interested in taking part and telling you story please be in touch with us/

This blog is in unfortunately not translated to Arabic at this stage simply because none of us are fluent in Arabic.


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